“Document, document, document.” That is just one of the many industry standards required to ensure the proper completion of tasks. Whether using various tracking systems, applications, or even basic paper and pen, whatever you do document it. So that you know what is due, when it’s due, along with any critical decisions made and what their impact is on the entire project.

Whether it be in our Information Technology or eDiscovery practices, project management is critical to the success of any project.

Project management tracking - a Gantt chart. For support REW Computing offers project management services, as well as eDiscovery and IBM Lotus Notes support for Newmarket, Toronto, the GTA, and Ontario, Canada.

Information Technology

Our project managers work with clients to deploy systems within their environment. We work with clients from the start through to the end of a project. When releasing a system to users, we track and ensure that we deliver on time. Also, we manage any exceptions and immediately report any affected timelines and costs.

Here is a brief list of the types of projects we have worked on:

  1. Data center migrations: from on-premise to co-located.
  2. Disk infrastructure upgrades and migrations
  3. eDiscovery review platform, hardware and software, implementations
    • Veritas’ Clearwell
    • kCura’s Relativity
    • FTI’s Ringtail
    • Native Review Platforms


Our project managers work with clients in order to ensure a transparent and defensible process is followed. For instance, we have a FAST & SECURE© approach to eDiscovery. For more details visit our eDiscovery Services page. While working with all involved we ensure that project deliverables are met within the agreed upon timelines. We also work to provide many custom reports and tracking measurements, allowing everyone involved to know where we are in the process.

A pie chart for project management showing the data collection status of project data. For support REW Computing offers services in project management, as well as in eDiscovery and IBM Lotus Notes support for Newmarket, Toronto, the GTA, and Ontario, Canada.

Project Management Methodologies

We have used many project management principles and frameworks to assist us with our processes.

Some of these include:

Bringing appropriate representation from executive management, technical resources, business process owners/champions, end users and vendors as needed, allows us as a project team to be successful together. Therefore, achieving the goals that we set forth.

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