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Venio Systems continues to enhance its VenioOne eDiscovery platform with new features and functionality.  NearZero Discovery is excited to announce that today on March 5th, 2021, we will be completing our upgrade to implement VenioOne Version 8.1.  This article lists the key features that are being made available in this latest release.

As you may be aware, there are a number of different interfaces (check out: Feature Friday: VenioOne Web vs. VenioOne OnDemand ) that have been developed as well as an administrative backend desktop client that we use for administration of the projects and the servers. Venio Systems is now focusing on bringing all the features of these different interfaces into the VenioOne On-Demand (VOD) Interface.  As they continue to expand the features and functionality, their first point of access is going to be the VOD Interface.

It is also important to note that some features presented in the VOD Interface may not be incorporated into the VenioOne Web Interface. If you are looking for a new feature and can’t find it, it may be necessary for us to work with you to change a few things in order to allow your account to use the VOD Interface.

VOD: New Look and Feel, Faster, More available…

VOD: Enhanced Administration

If you have administration rights to manage your legal team and your projects, then you will see these changes.

Venio One Platform Additions

  • Fallback Processing Engine: A Second Processing Engine to ensure that your eDiscovery data is properly processed and as much as possible is extracted when processing under the original engine may have not worked).
  • Social Media Ingestion
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Slack
    • Cellebrite
    • Bloomberg
    • Coming Soon: Microsoft Teams
  • AWS S3 Media Ingestion/Integration: New Bucket Browser for AWS S3 Media and Load Files
  • TIFF has become Image: New Options for Creating Images
  • New Export Options: Only folders, PDFs, etc.
  • Storage Space Management: New Reports and Alerts to Manage Storage
  • Entity Extraction: PII Extraction / Create Entities

VOD Self-Service Additions:

  • Third Party Load Data Ingestion
  • Native Redaction in Excel
  • Transcript Viewer / Annotations / Search Function
  • Advanced Search with Term Search and Load File Search
  • Full Document Review Functionality including CAL and its Associated Reports
  • Email Threading
  • Social Media – Ingestion / Viewer / Search Function
  • Multimedia – Viewer and ability to Add Timestamp/Notes
  • Enhanced Administration
    • User / Case Management
    • SQL Query
    • Job Status, Priority, and Distributed Service Management
      • Pause / Resume / Cancel Jobs
      • Mark items as Errored or Not Processed
      • Remove items from Queue

Links to the Interfaces:

VenioOne Web 

  • The full Web Interface is what most of our clients have been using to take advantage of all features that the platform allows for (that have not been ported to the VOD Interface yet), and for projects that we actively manage on our client’s behalf.

Original VenioOne OnDemand

  • With the release of Venio 8.1, this interface is being discontinued.  You may be able to login to it, but you will encounter an error that references a change to the Tags and keeps looping with the same error over and over again. In Version 8.2, they will be addressing this error and more information will be provided as to when they will officially discontinue support for this interface.  We recommend that you move to the New Interface – see below.
  • As a result of the discontinuation of this interface, our #Feature Friday series will obviously be outdated when it comes to the screenshots that have been included and in some cases the features may have been updated. Conceptually, everything is still valid and we would still recommend taking a look at them. We will be looking to highlight the newer features within the VenioOne On-Demand interface.

New – Enhanced VenioOne OnDemand

Recommended going forward if you are actively managing and creating your own projects with limited support directly from us.

If you have any questions about the new interface or features, please feel free to reach out to us.  We have posted the latest documentation on our Venio Help Page.

Would you like to learn more about our services? Email [email protected] or call 289-803-9730. We would be happy to share more details about our self-service or fully managed eDiscovery services!