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In Venio Version 8, social media backups can now be loaded for review. Through the Venio On Demand Interface, users can select the Social Media Platform and then drag and drop the backup to be loaded.

There are some General Setting considerations that you may want to talk to our team about that control how the conversations are grouped together. Please let us know if you want a different setting – the default is “Number of Messages” and 500 messages will be grouped into an Email type message.

In this Blog, we are going to focus on Twitter.

Backing Up your Twitter Account

Follow the steps in Managing Your Account – How to Download you Twitter Archive . It usually takes about one day from the request time to get the file. The file will include messages, tweets, and retweets. You will then upload the zip file you receive into VenioOne.

Loading your Twitter Data

In the Venio On Demand Interface, you would select your case:

Then select to upload data:

Click on the Twitter Icon in the Social Media Tile.

This will then bring up the Upload Dialog Screen where you will drag and drop the Twitter Backup File:

Once you Drag and Drop or Browse and Select it, you will see:

Now you can assign a Custodian name and then select the Upload and Process button. Once you click the button, it will upload and process the data. You will receive email notifications as it completes the processing.

Looking at Your Twitter Data

Once you have received the email indicating that processing has completed successfully, you can now go and login to look at the results.

The quickest way is to Filter your results to just the custodian / media that you loaded. Select the “Tweets” entry and then select the Near Native Viewer:

Now you can navigate through the conversation.

To see the Meta Data for the conversation, click in the Info button located at the left of the Near Native Viewer:

You can use the Filter Option located at the left of the Near Native Viewer to focus on a specific participant or date range:

Attachments to the posts show up as Children to the Tweets messages and are referenced in the Conversation so that you can download them and view them in context of the conversation:

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