Venio Ambassador Richard Wessel
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“Venio will honor seven different award winners at this event, each winner unique in their contributions and partnerships with Venio. Among the honorees is Richard Wessel, President and Lead Consultant of NearZero Discovery. Mr. Wessel is a recipient of Venio’s newest award, Venio Ambassador, which is given to a partner who has contributed valuable content to Venio’s marketing, innovation, and thought leadership initiatives. For his participation and insights shared during our Advanced Email Analytics and 2019 eDiscovery Innovation Roundtable webinars, Mr. Wessel was a clear choice.

“I am honored that Venio has selected me for this award. Thank you Venio for the ongoing support and to my team at NearZero Discovery! Our partnership since May 2017 has enabled us to offer our full end-to-end eDiscovery services. We not only use the platform, but we are able to work with Venio to enhance it and bring new features and functionality to our workflows. The innovations that Venio is putting forth will continue to ensure that it is an industry leader!”  said Mr. Wessel.”

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Note: As of June 2023, NearZero Discovery is no longer using Venio as an e-Discovery platform. Click Here to find out more.