It sometimes feels like you are playing a game of “Where’s Waldo?” when software updates are made to applications that you have been using for a long time.

The Pop-Out Icon that was consistent between the VenioOne Web Interface and the VenioOne On-Demand Interface has gone through a few changes recently.

As VenioSystems continues to move the product forward, they are focusing a lot of their new development and features sets within the VenioOne On-Demand Interface. This is where the Pop-Out Icon Change has occurred – Specifically in Version 8.4..


Now: In the Viewer Panel, there are 3 New buttons:

The First Icon opens the viewer in a New window and allows you to then drag that window to another monitor.

The Second Icon will maximize the Viewer to fill the current Interface and will be replaced with a minimize icon which when pressed will return you to the original layout.

The Third Icon will Close the Viewer and it will become a Link at the top of the interface that you can then click on to restore.

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