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Certifications are extremely important to NearZero Discovery as whole. We are always encouraging our staff to grow in many different areas to help provide the best services to our clients. But with so many different certifications and programs out there, which certifications do we take and why?

VenioOne Platform Certification

Each eDiscovery Team Member completes the VenioOne Platform Certification.  One of the goals and objectives when a new team member starts is to gain the experience required within the first few months. This enables us to send them to the VenioOne System Administrator Bootcamp at the VenioSystems headquarters.

When completed, they receive more experience through supporting the VenioOne platform at NearZero Discovery. Once they have gained further experience in the platform, we would then consider sending them to the VenioOne Technical System Administrator Course.

ACEDS eDEx Certification Program

Every team member completes the ACEDS eDEx Certification Program. This allows us to have a baseline knowledge and understanding of the work that we do for our clients. Whether our staff is going to be working on an eDiscovery project team, providing various consulting services, or being one of the internal supporting team members.

ACEDS Certified eDiscovery Specialist Program

Depending on an employee’s eDiscovery experience, we will find the appropriate time to even further their education and knowledge of eDiscovery with the eDiscovery Specialist Program that ACEDS offers. There are requirements for education, references, and project related experience in order to even register for this program. This provides a high standard level of knowledge required in eDiscovery to succeed in this program.

As with most certification programs, there is a need to keep records of training that relate or show that you are keeping yourself up to date… so as the team members progress we look for training opportunities where there is a recognized governing body that will certify and attest to our team members completing the appropriate content.  

Whether that be from University/Law Schools, Associations, or from Software Platforms/Applications that we use or end up introducing into our service offerings.  We are currently encouraging all team members to complete the Electronic Discovery Institute’s Program (EDI). The EDI course includes speakers who are specialists in their fields such as lawyers, auditors, Presidents of corporations or many others discussing various layers of eDiscovery in length.

With such time and effort involved in completing each program / certification, some might ask why as a company NearZero Discovery finds it so vitally important to do so?

Industry Recognized

ACEDS, and EDI are recognized as leaders in eDiscovery… We have passed the industries’ benchmark for showing that our team understands eDiscovery and has the required experience.

Professional Development

For team members, this gives them the chance to continue to grow and expand their understanding.

Continuous Improvement

 As team members learn and participate in the various training and certification programs, it allows us to question what we do, and adjust the workflows / processes and procedures that we follow to make sure that we are keeping everything up to date, and addressing current industry needs. We continue to learn with various webinars provided through ACEDS, and other eDiscovery experts.

Platform Expertise

Regardless of the platform, we know how it works and how to properly manage it. This is critical to any service provider’s future.

In Closing

With this growing knowledge within our company, we can answer the question that most clients always ask. “Do they have the experience and knowledge to meet our needs?”

Through the use of these certification programs; continued professional development,  and the use of industry leading software platforms – all that ensure and dictate a benchmarked level of quality – We can say YES!

We would be happy to meet with you to review our Teams Certifications, and to discuss any potential opportunities to help with your eDiscovery needs. Reach out to us by emailing [email protected] or call 289-803-9730.