Have you ever watched “Madagascar”? Finding your way through the jungles of life and work, and then you start to “Move It!”.

Well, we can see that movement has been a big theme in 2023 for eDiscovery and for us here at NearZero Discovery / REW Computing Inc.   There have been 35 (as of Jan 4, 2024) Investments, Mergers and Acquisitions that moved our eDiscovery world (refer to “An Abridged Look at the Business of eDiscovery” from ComplexDiscovery)

We also have our own movements that have gone on through out 2023. Below are a few of our blog articles that you may want to look at:

  1. We moved from an office environment to a remote working model
  2. We moved eDiscovery Platforms (VenioOne to Reveal)
  3. There were Big Moves in the eDiscovery vendor landscape with Reveal Data Corporation buying IPRO and Logikcull.
  4. Movements in AI – We are All in on AI, but more is coming related to Generative AI, and how we use it – Augmented Intelligence v. Artificial Intelligence (Iron Man vs. Terminator)
  5. Tracking more movements in the oceans for sharks and for mantas.

So where do we think we are going in 2024? I know that saying “that we are going to keep moving forward” may be seen as a cliché and that “change is the only constant” that we can be assured of, but we have some plans brewing that we hope will empower our team and our clients, while at the same time continuing to put our clients first.   Watch for more information in the coming weeks and months as we work through the plans – we are excited to share, but just can’t let the cat out of the bag yet…

We would like to also take a moment to encourage all of you to take a moment and “Look forward, Learning from the Past” year, and setting your own goals, personally and professionally, allowing you to move forward.  Happy New Year, and all the best for 2024!


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