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REW Computing Inc., DBA NearZero Discovery is honored to continue to support Fins Attached. Our President, Richard Wessel and his wife, continue to dive and explore the underwater world that has expanded their love of sharks. From diving in the Bahamas, to Cocos Island, to Hawaii, sharks abound in their many shapes, sizes, and species.

“We have only started to scratch the surface in our own interactions with sharks, but from the Galapagos, the White Tip Reef, the Caribbean Reef, Hammerheads, Tigers, and Nurse sharks, the one thing I have come to realize is that they are just as curious and afraid of us as we are of them – and maybe afraid is not the right word – rather it is respect. Respect for the unknown and being willing to experience and look at every interaction with awe, wonder and appreciation for the marvelous creatures that they/we are. Watching them swim towards you and adjust their path as they try to figure out what you are, and then to watch them suddenly adjust at the last moment to swim away. It is as if they are us – we swim towards them, adjusting our paths to get close to observe, to experience, but then we adjust to swim away. This is not to say that we blindly approach one of the ocean’s apex predators without any preparation, we educate ourselves and others, we plan our dives and take the necessary safety measures to ensure a safe encounter. Fins Attached provides these opportunities to learn and experience sharks in a way that opens the participants eyes to the real world of sharks, and their role in our oceans. One memorable quote that I remember from our Cocos Island citizen research trip with Fins Attached is:”

NearZero Discovery would like to encourage you to get involved with Fins Attached, and help them expand our knowledge, understanding and protection of sharks. Join us in donating towards acoustic tags and we will match up to $2,500.00 to purchase additional acoustic tags for use in Fins Attached shark research. Click Here to Donate

To learn more about Fins Attached, read our blog: Why Sponsor Fins Attached?

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